A Special Message from "J" :

I have spent many hours over the past 3 decades creating poetry, much of it in the Anthology linked above. The Urantia Book inspired many of the poems. Download it here.

envelopeAs you might expect, I love receiving email from people who have read and enjoyed my poetry. Click the envelope to email your comments.


Welcome Messege

Welcome to JosephBauer.org. I appreciate your visit. 
I'm a poet and non-destructive test technician. I spend most of my days searching for weaknesses in oil industry pipes, to reduce leakages. I write poetry in my spare time. The Urantia Book has become my spirit's passion. Select from the menu to the left.


How I Feel About Life

I enjoy life and love living every minute of it to the fullest.

I have a couple of kids, mostly grown up now, and live alone. I spend long hours at my work, so I don't get much spare time. I like hanging out with my friends Norman and Ashley on Saturday night, and going to the movies with my son on Sunday afternoons. I make a trip to Canada, where I was born, every so often.