Within every acorn there’s a mighty oak,
And within mortal man there’s a soul.
But neither the acorn nor mortal man,
Knows the magnitude of its goal.

For if man is created in the image of God,
The soul is where it really begins,
And the character of our true personality
Is a reflection of that soul within.

The potential for such evaluation is found
In the universe urges of mind:
For man to desire to know his Creator;
And for God to experience our mind.

The effect of this spiritualization of mind
Is the gradual birth of the soul,
The offspring of the spirit of God,
And a mortal with a spiritual goal.

For as we will look back on the circle of life
From the vantage point of the soul,
All of the problems we thought were so bad
Were to help us achieve this goal.

So it’s never too early or never too late
To care for the soul within,
And it doesn’t matter where you are now
Or how bad you may think you have been.

This is the moment the choices are made
That enhance the growth of the soul,
That eternal ember that dwells within
Feeds the flame of our immortal goal

And this spiritual translation of the mortal soul,
From the material to the divine,
Is the process of cosmic communication
With the truth-seeking mortal mind.

From the results of such a relationship,
Transcending our mortal role,
Comes potential not found in constituent parts,
But a new value: "The Immortal Soul".

Copyright © 1960  -  by Joseph F. Bauer. All rights reserved.